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I’ve been seeing ads for a new ABC show with the above name. The ads are sickening to me; they show people coming back from the dead. What kind of cruel sick joke is that? I would like nothing more for the door to open and my husband to walk in. But I know that will never happen. He’s been gone almost three years, and I know it’s impossible.

If you’ve lost a loved one, I’m sure you would love to see that person walk in the door. Maybe there’s something you wish you’d said or had a chance to say before their death. Maybe you want to tell that person all the things they’ve missed, all those times you wanted to turn to that person and tell them something, only to realize they’re not here anymore. Maybe you just want with every bit of your being to have that person back. But you know that’s just not going to happen, because people don’t really come back from the dead. They just don’t.

So where is the audience for this type of sick joke? I don’t think anyone who has lost a loved one could sit through even a few minutes of this without breaking down. I can’t even stand the ads, little vignettes showing a husband and wife, thirty years later, seeing their child just as he was before he died? Watching these actors as they are seeing their dead child is horribly heart-wrenching.  And these are just actors, playing a role. Sick.

If you’re a religious or spiritual person, you may believe that you will see all of your loved ones in another domain or dimension. Even so, you know you’ll never see them in this world. But believing you will see them again after your own demise is some comfort, and I understand that. Maybe that makes it possible for you to watch this type of show. But I don’t think so.

There’s plenty of trash on TV.  We have zombies, vampires, ghosts, seers, gurus, hoarders, polygamists, and yes, the Kardashians.  Enough.

I promise you this is one show I won’t be watching. It’s horrifying and sickening to prey on the emotions of people who’ve lost loved ones and somehow twist reality to give them any hope whatsoever that such a thing could ever happen.  It can’t and it won’t. It’s hard enough to deal with loss without having this type of ridiculous tripe out there. Maybe it’s time to turn the TV off.