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A telephone book is a  great anger management tool.  Here’s how. Choose a fairly large telephone book. I have three or four to choose from, depending on my level of anger (and how good I want to feel afterwards). Next, choose a location. A carpeted location will insulate the noise somewhat in case you are not alone and don’t want to be called a lunatic.

Another story in itself.

Now, raise the telephone book high over your head with both hands and carefully select a landing point. Aim for a location where nothing else is in the vicinity unless, of course, you have taken the time to gather up items that remind you what you are angry with or about. Then, by all means, have them in position. Now, take a deep breath and say whatever you want. It could just be my favorite, “Fuck you world!” which, when interpreted into another language, Italian, for example, means “Fuck you world!” As you are pronouncing, or proclaiming, or even maligning another human being on the planet, lower your arms and heave the phone book in a rapid downward motion. Bam! The noise in itself is pretty darn entertaining and anger-alleviating.

There is great satisfaction in this, I promise. I’ve done this many times. It actually works better than kicking doors or punching a hole in a wall, something I feel certain many are quite familiar with. No damage to anything at all, and it feels really good.

Repeat this three or four times, and now you’re getting a little winded, aren’t you? That’s good. Take a minute to stop and relax. If still feeling anger, repeat as many times as necessary.

There’s really nothing wrong with being angry. The worst thing you can do is deny anger or hold it in. That’s when bad things start to happen. Check the news; you’ll see what I mean. Anger can eat at your insides and do lots of damage. But being angry in itself is not what’s bad. It’s a real emotion, a real feeling, and it generally won’t be denied. It needs to be addressed.

I really despise smug people who have a long list of platitudes relating to anger:  forgive, let go, meditate, blah, blah, blah. What a bunch of bullshit. These types are the ones most loaded with anger that they are currently suppressing or denying and will continue to do so with their last breath. Me? Angry? Never!  Liars and deniers, every last one of them.

Acknowledge your anger and then find a way to express it in a way that no one and no thing is harmed.